New Construction Design

The idea of building a new home is often filled with excitement, fulfillment, and possibility. Still, in reality, the process can be daunting due to all of the design details and decision-making necessary to create your dream home, one that is not only beautiful but also functional and cohesive.

Rejuvenation Home Studio is your partner in crafting comprehensive, preconstruction design experiences for new construction projects, home remodels, and additions.

How an Interior Designer Fits into the Construction Process

What sets us apart is our commitment to infuse self-care considerations right from the initial planning stages. We’ve often heard from homeowners who embarked on this path alone, and their stories resonate with the sentiment that it can indeed be an exhausting and overwhelming process.

They often express a wish that they had engaged an interior designer from the outset to navigate this intricate journey and avoid the pitfalls of costly change orders.

Our involvement will decrease stress and headaches often encountered while building a new home.

The New Build Process

The floor plan

Our journey starts with a floor plan, where we guide you through every facet of interior architecture and design, laying the foundation for a rejuvenating design experience that transcends mere aesthetics.

fixtures + furnishings

Once the clients’ choices of floor plans are finalized we work to perfect them into a blend of both practicality and artistry. Details such as cabinetry and fireplaces are also finalized and the elevations are drawn in preparation for the construction phase of the project. This encompasses everything from selecting fixtures, finishes, and color palettes, to ensuring a cohesive and harmonious design vision.

Execution from start to finish

Our commitment extends to overseeing the project’s execution from start to finish, which includes on-site visits, continuous collaboration with clients, and harmonious coordination with the entire design and construction teams. We’ll work closely with you and your builder, along with our trades, vendors, and workrooms, to create a custom home that is impeccably infused with enduring character and style.

I bet you have questions… Please read our FAQS. Still, have questions? We’ll cover that in our complimentary discovery call.

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