Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. We have been busy with client projects, but it has been a wonderful treat to work on a personal space of mine.

“Take care of your space, so your space can take care of you!” That is my motto. 

The word “space can have many references such as your mind, your body or your soul. In my world, I reference your dwellings. Everything from where you lounge, where you sleep, where you eat, and even where you work all plays apart in what kind of energy you put out. It’s important to put focus on these spaces by putting good energy in order to get good energy out and elevate your overall quality of living and functioning in your spaces.

Interior Design is self-care! I need to communicate this to the our community, especially.  

I am Star the Founder + Creative Director of Rejuvenation Home Studio. I established RHS in 2018, based in Central Florida. We are a full-service interior design firm specializing in luxury residential and boutiques commercial projects. I chose the company name because of the meaning behind the definition of “rejuvenation.” I use this in my everyday practice, which is to give new energy or life to something.


Image | “Modern Warrior Woman Armored in Beauty”


Please do not start any project without a plan. I REPEAT! Every project must start with a game plan!! When it comes to our hallway we need:

  • to update and add new lighting (on dimmers of course) by replacing builder grade boob lights with sculptural lighting and possibly installing a new light fixture placement then,
  • to continue the flooring from the bedroom into the hallway as we currently have concrete painted floor. We purchased extra during our bedroom updates awhile back.
  • to remove, replace and add trim, base and crown moldings for architectural interest
  • to replace two doors and change all hardware. We plan to replace all of them at some point, but just focusing on the two main in the south view as they are focal points UPDATE: I have decided to update all the doors
  • to paint doors, walls and all trim in bold color to make it stand out and se the tone for other rejuvenation projects in our home
  • install wallpaper on walls and ceilings for pattern play. UPDATE: I have decided to skim the walls to make them smooth. Even considering a texture for above the chair rail
  • to add overflow storage from my office since I work from home. Not sure if I want a credenza or a bookshelf yet, but it will be very functional. UPDATE: I have decided to go with a credenza,
  • to add texture by doing a DIY wall paint treatment to look like wallpaper
  • to add bold art and impactful accessories
  • to find an antique rug runner to be an exclamation point on the entire space and add some necessary softness underfoot


My contractor was literally here yesterday to start taking down all the trim around the baseboards and doors, scraping the walls and also first coat of skimming, and also make all the electrical changes. Originally, the hallway only had two lights in all the wrong places. We moved both light locations and added a new one.

Hallway Demo Day – Progress


Hallways can easily be one of the most overlooked spaces in your home. This hallway is lacking a soul and therefore not creating an emotional experience. The goal here is to create a storytelling journey of discovery and inspiration as this is the main artery of our home. A couple ways I plan to inject some personality is with architectural details and lighting to add visual interest.

The lighting was honestly on one of the first products I decided on. It’s from Shades Of Light. This Ruffled Edge lighting really has the best details with black matte hammered metal and a gold interior. If this doesn’t refer back to my inspiration, I don’t know what does. It’s regal and stately.

I chose a ceiling medallion that mimics the afro hairstyle of my inspiration by Ekena Millwork. It’s the Eryn primed in white. I personally identify with her because I myself wear the same hairstyle. It’s my crown and all natural. Adding a medallion is also an inexpensive and nonintrusive addition to any room.

Here is a great example form one our recent installations from this year and latest Project Reveal:

Do you want to see more behind the scenes and the the real deal live action, check our IG stories on our Rejuvenation Home Studio Instagram page and the ORC FALL 2022 Highlight.

Please be sure to follow along on this journey with us! We will be posting more details every week and don’t for get to head over to our Instagram and Pinterest pages and give us a follow. We would really love to have you.

Thank you One Room Challenge for giving us a space to be creative and show off our distinct aesthetic. Apartment Therapy is the media sponsor. See you next week!

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