How many times have you painted your walls and ceilings in your head? If you are anything like me, then quite a few. I feel like my hallway is telling me thank you. It has transformed so much and its not even finished. She’s saying “give me more, darling!!”

I am Star the Founder + Creative Director of Rejuvenation Home Studio. I established RHS in 2018, based in Central Florida. We are a full service interior design firm specializing in luxury residential and boutique commercial projects.

How many of you know that your ceiling is the 5th wall? You can’t forget about it. It has to be given some love just like your walls. Don’t just paint it white. Add some color, some architecture through millwork, or some wallpaper. You will be amazed at how a space can be transformed by showing your ceiling a little love. I chose to add some architecture with crown molding and a bold pattern wallpaper. I am so happy with my Mitchell Black partnership!


We hung the last doors, hardware, wallpaper and paint. We only got one light fixture hung. I did end up running out of the ceiling wallpaper, so that is on order. I am so happy I moved forward with going ahead and installing the wallpaper below the chair rail. Its just gives the hallway new depth and dimension.

Funny story! My husband asked what type of prize I get if I win the One Room Challenge. I said, “congratulations, you just won a newly designed hallway by Rejuvenation Home Studio!” In all honesty, I let him know there is not a prize, but there will be plenty of great marketing opportunities and press that can come out of it. I just really appreciated the compliment.

We also got our Eight doors and Emtek Hardware completely installed. Just have touch up left.


Last week, I illuded to the game plan for the walls. Now, that I have seen my walls painted in the base coat, I am for sure moving forward with completing this detail. Here she used what seems to be a simplified process. I am working my way from light to dark and using four paints instead of two. I plan on testing my technique on a wall that is least visible. Be sure to visit the Instagram Stories for more on that for more on that. Here are my paint selections below.

Do you want to see more behind the scenes and the the real deal live action, check our IG stories on our Rejuvenation Home Studio Instagram page and the ORC FALL 2022 Highlight.

Please be sure to follow along on this journey with us! We will be posting more details every week and don’t for get to head over to our Instagram and Pinterest pages and give us a follow. We would really love to have you.

Thank you One Room Challenge for giving us a space to be creative and show off our distinct aesthetic. Apartment Therapy is the media sponsor. See you next week!

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