What is up? Man, it has been a long tie since I wrote a blog post. This just feels right!

Hi… I’m Star!  WIFE | MOTHER | DESIGNER | BUSINESS OWNER. Please allow me to tell you a little bit more about me!

I am married to my high school sweet heart and we have four beautiful children. My oldest daughter plays college basketball for Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX. I have another daughter along with my oldest son that attends high school, and my youngest son is in elementary. They are MY LIFE! We live in Bartow, FL. I have lived here since high school and my husband was born and raised here. I honestly thought I would be out of here by now, living in the city somewhere, but I am honestly just a “hometown girl” and proud of it!

I’ve always been a creative! Everything from drawing, painting, writing poetry, singing, starting a high school step team, cooking, etc… You get the point? I ended up in Interior Design field by a very happy accident. My twin (yes there is two if us) was attending school majoring in Interior Design. I happen to come across her projects in my grandmother’s garage. I was so curious! I wanted to know more about it. I asked my sister lots of questions and decided to visit to the school. Little did I know that I as about to embark on my TRUE PASSION! I made the sacrifice to make the hour commute and after four years, I graduated in Interior Design. Since then I have worked a multitude of commercial and residential design jobs. Right now, I am a Visual Merchandiser for a well known furniture company.

I am now the proud owner of  Rejuvenation Home Studio LLC. This is my new baby! All I want to do is design beautiful rooms! Not just for the sake of it, but really create inspirational surroundings that rejuvenates your soul. I want you to wake up every day in a house that feels like home, surrounded by beautiful and meaningful things that make you smile. My wish is to encourage you to stick around for awhile as I embark on this new journey!



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